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"Craft Beers & Selected Ales in A Relaxed Environment"

About us

At The Ship In A Bottle we believe there are just a few key ingredients needed to enjoy a decent pint.

Comfortable Surroundings. Good Company. And Great Beer.

Although we can't guarantee that your companions will be up for a laugh - we've designed The Ship In A Bottle to be the perfect place to drink some of the best beers the UK brews.

Great Place to enjoy

Our Beers

A good pub should never rely on sub-standard beers.

You won't find any of those here in The Ship. We keep a constantly rotating selection of 15 largers and ales on taps here, so there's always something new to try.

Our Long and Proud History

Our Beers

Here in the UK, there are a few things that we’re the forerunners of: Bacon Sandwiches, Premier League Football and Quality Beers & Ale.

You can find all three of these things, and much more, at The Ship in a Bottle.

We understand the importance of a ‘home away from home’. As much as it can be fun to have your mates around your gaff for the match, the last thing you want to be doing, when you’re 4 drinks deep, is thinking about cleaning up.

So, when we went about setting up The Ship, we wanted to design a place that had the comfort of a living room, with the relaxed nature of a down-town bar. A place where you can meet your friends, buy a round of expertly poured pints, watch the game with a couple of fat sandwiches and not worry about making a mess (or waking up the kids).

The Ship in the Bottle is more than just a place to watch the match, though. It’s a safe space for booze-fuelled discussions, and slowly gorging yourself on a small feast of pub snacks.

For those dull, dry Sunday afternoons, we offer our Pop Culture Pub Quiz – a chance for you to rack your brain for ‘that guy who starred in that one episode of Friends’ and win prizes galore.

Mid-week, we’ve got casual tournaments in the Games Room. Whether it’s table tennis, pool or darts – you can test your mettle against your friends and fellow drinkers. Bragging rights are on the line here and we understand the importance of victory when the stakes are that high.


There’s been a lot of recent developments here at The Ship...

This month we continued to expand our range of food, we hired a new mixologist and made some crucial purchases for our kitchen so that we can continue to serve you with the freshest bar snacks and nibbles.

Although we’ve only been open for a couple of months now, we’re constantly receiving feedback from our wonderful friends, so that we can continue to improve upon our rotating menu of snacks and drinks.

If you pop in within the next fortnight you might well see an unfamiliar face behind the bar creating some rather unusual looking drinks. That man is our new mixologist, Joshua. He’s been hired to completely redesign our Cocktail offerings here at The Ship. We asked Josh to think outside the box and he’s done just that, creating 8 new drinks that are creative spins on familiar names. Check out the board the next time you’re in, or just ask our new member of staff for a run down of them!

A new establishment always runs into a few teething problems when they first open.

In these first few months, you’re trying to keep your head above water, whilst simultaneously learning as much about your business as possible. All so that you’ve got a better chance of surviving and prospering. We knew we were going to have problems with our kitchen when we signed the lease.

Before we took the place over, it was a much maligned gastropub which had started out well respected but was slowly rendered obsolete by the superior restaurants in the area. Unfortunately, the previous owners let their kitchen slide into redundancy, much like their own business.

From Day 1, we’ve been hampered by the sub-par (and straight broken) kitchen appliances, but have been unable to afford to either replace or fix them. Now that our fortunes are turning around somewhat, we can finally cough up the cash to fix the oven and cooking appliances.

Although we’ve always been proud of the tasty plates that the kitchen has produced since we opened, these fixes should hopefully make our chefs job easier and give them the chance to let their excellent skills shine through even more.

Our initial menu consisted mostly of American classics. We thought bar food staples such as Chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks and Jalapeno Poppers would be the perfect accompaniment to the stellar IPAs that we were importing from the States. These went down well at first, but we received word that you guys would prefer something a little more English and a little less...Yank.

You’ll be glad to hear that the word has made its way to the kitchen and our chefs have been busy redesigning our menu with a raft of British classics, reborn as a delectable finger food – perfect for sitting alongside your pint any time of the week.

From the start of May, we’ll be rolling out our brand new Cocktails and awesome English Bar Snacks – we can’t wait for you try them out.


Monday to Thursday: 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Friday to Sunday: 12:00 PM - 3:00 AM